Wednesday, September 04, 2013

June 28-30, 2013 Family Reunion in Yerington, Nevada
the Kids on bikes heading out for the park and swimming pool!
At the park jungle gym :)  hanging around!

The Host and Hostess John and Cora Marcoux!

New attraction at the park, even the adults tried this one.
there were only minor injuries :)

Round Table Pizza
Papa John and Grandma Cora with the grandkids!
Papa John and Grandma Cora with the Great Grandkids!!
John and Cora with Us kids :)
ALL 7 of US :) 
Mom and Tiny it has been a long time coming for this reunion!!
So happy together.  And they look just alike. 
the grandkids kept confusing these two for one another :)
The whole gang!!

These have been a few of the photos from a really fantastic time with my brother and sisters, nephews and nieces Love them all!!

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