Monday, July 08, 2013

Cleveland Zoo June 14, 2013 Rachel and I had a great time!

The beaver kept swimming by Rachel and coming right up to the glass as it did, lol so cute!!
 We visited the zoo to see the new Elephant habitat!

 Flamingos :)
 T-REX and RAchel!

 This Cheetah was aroused by a sound RAchel was making and got up from its shady spot to run over to the fence near her!!  It was trying to stalk her!!

Me with a painted dinosaur, so beautiful!

 Rachel with the view of the giraffes in the background.
 Cleveland zoo got these bears as orphaned cubs back in 2011, they seem to be thriving here.  They were chasing each other back and forth as fast as they could go!!  They had a big area to run around in.

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