Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Ireland Vacation

March 8-18, 2013  Me, Dan, Kathleen Mewhinney (his sister), Mike (bro in law), Sean (nephew) and Mikey Deighan (nephew) went to Ireland and it was fantastic!  Here are some photos:
When we got to Dublin Airport our luggage was frozen in the plane so it was a little delay before we left to go to Limerick and Adare Manor- Dan working its 5:30 a.m., Sean looking at camera, Mike Mewhinney (bro in law) and Mikey laying down.  The two youngsters fell asleep later in the afternoon and didn't wake up til the next day!  We stayed up and went to a pub in Adare, went to sleep around ten p.m.!  It was perfect because we had no jetlag!
 Milk Market in Limmerick (like our farmers market except they have meats, bakery and veg/fruits) Dan and Mike are pictured closest to the blue van-

 Kathleen, she was here for the bakery, so this pic makes her look good!

This pub bears my mother in laws name so I took this pic for her lol  she doesn't drink alcohol!
 Dan and Mike try out the Guiness at Nancy Blake's Pub in Limmerick!  Looks like it tastes good.  Notice the Jameson whiskey keg, we later tour the distillery in Dublin.

St. Johns Catholic church in Limerick- Beautiful

Blarney Castle - Dan, Kathleen and I visited and Kath kissed the Blarney Stone!

Dublin -Jameson Distillery Tour

Dublin we saw some rowers racing down the river!  the green bus across the river had a bunch of people riding along cheering at the top of their lungs!

 Dinner - Temple Bar area

Sunset in Dublin!!!

 Library in Dublin lit up for St. Patricks Day!!
My Birthday in Dun Lauhre at the sea wall, the light house was at the end, we walked to the end. (it was freezing but worth it)

 Dan and I at the Villa at Adare Manor -

 Dublin Airport Departure Day - St Patricks Day!!  We watched the parade on TV while having coffee and donuts!  It was snowing but the rest of our family went to the parade!!

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