Monday, September 13, 2010

Away to College then comes the Fair!

Rachel getting ready to go back to College. Her room is in various stages of being packed, haha!
Her things looking a bit more packed here. We loaded the Expedition...
Headed off through the Blue Ridge Mountains, Rachel, Dan and I! Beautiful drive!
We made it Rachel, Me and Dan in her dorm room. I don't know how but all her Things really fit in there. (we carried all of it up three flights of stairs!)
We said goodbye and off she went to settle in for another school year. She is a sophmore now.
Yes, I cry every time we part....sniff, sniff! Miss you my love!
September 11, 2010 We Remember the 3000 lives lost in the attacks on the NYC World trade center, Pentagon VA and near Shanksville, PA.
September 11, 2010 Our fair opened on this Saturday!!

Family came to attend our fair with us!! Here is Colleen, Kathleen, Me and Dan.
Here is Mike, Kathleen, JD, Colleen and Dan (left to right) It was raining out so we had a chance to check out some nice woodworking done by high school age kids! Great job!
We tried alot of the goodies and enjoyed our visit together ~:O) Thank God for family!

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Anonymous said...

Looks like it rained pretty hard on you guys!!
Fair lights looked pretty!!
I put my Cancer scrap book int he fair & won first place!! whoo hoo! :)
Your sis T~)