Saturday, July 10, 2010

JULY what??

Memorial Day weekend at my mother in laws home.
Pictured below: Me, Gerry (mil), Dan (dh) and Rachel (dd)
A little shopping fun with my favorite girly :) My daughter and I laughed and giggled about the size of the quilt in a bag, I mean look at it, it is huge, lol!! Independence Day in USA!! BBQ at Dan's moms house, Gerry and Jd (in charge of the BBQ, awesome job!)
Below: Katheleen (sil) and her family (not pictured) were there also.
Kathleen, JD, Dan and puppy Abby!!!
Keeping cool in the pool Sidney (nephew) and Rachel (dd)!!
Cel pics: Sidney flips off the diving board!!
Sidney taking a break.

At home the cats are on my good furniture. (mimi, kako and sam)
Sam looking a little upset...He would really like to go outside by the birdfeeder, please.

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