Thursday, May 20, 2010

April flew away, now on to MAY 2010 You know what they say, LIFE Comes at you FAST!!

April 30, 2010 Dan and I visited Farmville, VA to see Rachel's lacrosse team play in their Division I Conference Tournament. They played two games won one and lost one. Then we left and drove to her college for the move home to oHIo, as her last day of school was April 28.

Dan and I arrived just in time for the game!!
The team comes off the field after their warm up. Rachel is #11 on the far left here.
Starting the game Go Blue Hose!! She is on the right here #11.
Run Rachel run #11!
Rachel is in the bottom middle here. The Assistant Coach Macari is there too.
Coach Llanes and Assistant Coach Macari.
End of the game, loss score 19-20 :(May 1st, 2010 The night game Rach on the far left.
Last game of the weekend a WIN!! Way to Go Blue Hose!!
May 8th, 2010 Clayton's gratuation from Miami University in Oxford Ohio. He graduated with B.S. Chemical Engineering, Cum Luade Honors and a 4.0 for Spring Semester. We are very proud of him! Here the seats await the graduates.Clayton in the front line about the sixth person, he has his hand in his shorts pocket as he strides in.Here those graduates with Cum Laude Honors are asked to stand and be recognized for their accomplishment.Clayton with his Dad-Mom and Sister Rachel!! Congratulations!!May 15, 2010 Congratulations to Clayton he got a job!! Woohoo!! So, off to Pa. to look for an apartment. Jennifer, Clayton and I found the most adorable apartment. Yay!!Claytons work site is fenced in all around. This is the closest we could get, what a beautiful view from the gate.May 17, 2010 The big U-Haul move. Jennifer, Clayton & Ben picked up the U-Haul truck.
Ben, Rachel, Clayton and Me made the trip to Pa. on a rainy monday. We were surprised when we arrived at our destination the rain had stopped, Yes! We were able to unpack in dry weather.May 19, 2010 Rachel had to have surgery for Compartment Sydrome on the back of her legs. she had the front done last December. Here she is not too happy about the IV the nurse just put in her hand.After her surgery ice, elevate and watch TV. She is doing really good, thanks be to God.

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Luanne said...

Wonderful pics, full life! Glad Rachel's surgery went well and she is doing well. Hope her recovery is quick!Congrats on having a college graduate! Doesn't it just puff you up with pride? Yeah on the job!!!!! The pics show what great parents you and Dan are.