Saturday, March 27, 2010

My Birthday and bunch of bad weather!

The beginning of March continued with bad weather, 2 degree days and scary driving conditions. This is how my morning commute to work looks like. Cars ahead have slid into the median and there is police and tow trucks at the scene. (happens every time) Another bad weather morning, a bit clearer road conditions but people still don't know how to stay out of median!
At work, looking out my window....oh, even the Amish come out on bad weather days ~:O) Yes, that is a buggy, they just brought some scrap steel in to sell. Later in the month when it is warmer, here is an Amish wagon driving onto the scale, at my work getting weighed to sell his scrap steel. He is looking back at the scale to be waved off after being weighed.
Whats this???? Green Velvet cake!!! Yummy! My boss Sherri made a green version of red velvet cake for my birthday, love it, THANK YOU Sherri!! On my birthday sitting at my desk with Bella on my lap!! OH, 49 :)

March 25, 2010 More snow tonight, it may never end.
Those are Jennifer's foot tracks from last nights warming up of her car. She visits on Thursdays to watch Project Runway!! Charly is wondering who has been here ....
Akron Art Museum - Dan and I - Yay!!
Dan heads up the stairs to the main galleries-GOTCHA!!! :)

P.S. WE -Dan, Clayton, Jennifer and I got to see Rachel play at Cincinnati Univ on 13th!! Woohoo, I cried, I really miss her alot. (I miss CJ too, he comes home more often :)

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Sharmaine Kruijver said...

Oh that cake looks devine!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY and congrats on your Son's engagement!! Hugs :)