Monday, November 16, 2009

Secrest Arboratum and a layout

Hi friends and family- The weather was wonderful this weekend!! Dan and I visited the Secrest Arboratum here in Wooster, on Saturday 65 degrees Sunny. Here are some of the pics I took:Dan standing in an arbor
Me on one of the iron sculptures

The elusive OHIO state bird-Mr. Cardinal
one of many gardens
just beyond is a round structure we walked to
inside the round structure is a wonderful display of facts about the Arboratum

looking up at the roof inside the round structure
we walked uphill, this is a picture looking down at Wooster.
Climbing the big hill Dan in the lead....I tried and I made it.
Thanks to Sisterhood of Scrap for so many lil things to add to my layout here:
Rachel with Kako in the week before she would leave to attend college!!

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