Saturday, May 09, 2009

To Do List...hmmm!

My to do list goes something like this~1. Ask God for a better attitude, after how I felt lasts looked something like this...REd mad! Felt much better today!
2. Welcome son home from college for the summer! 3. Grocery shop.

4. Feed pets. 5. Go to dinner with Rachel for early mom's day celeb...check! 6. Watch the Indians and Cavs games with Dan, CJ, Rachel, Jennifer & pets..ha ha!!
7. Do dishes, ugh its 11 p.m. already. 8. Cook chicken for Dan's breakfast, thank God for crockpots!! 9. give pets a snack. 10. Go to sleep! ~:O)
Sunday~Happy Mothers Day!! Cook pasta salad to take to MIL house!!
Monday~Watch Daughter Play at Away Lacrosse Game, Tuesday Lacrosse Team Dinner, Wednesday Senior Night at daughters Lacrosse Game (tear, she is a senior)
Thats my girl~BFF- Be fierce forever!

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Cathy said...

Checking in to see what you've been busy creating! Wishing you a Happy Week!