Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Happy Birthday to my MIL!!

Happy Birthday Gerry!! 77, now that is a lucky number if ever there was one!! We celebrated with all the family on Monday. We had the most deliciously amazing~ Chocolate, chocolate chip, chocolate pudding, chocolate frosting cake!! Thansk Kath! Of course all the other fixings we ate were delicious also ~;O)

It looked like this ~>

Well now I am back later with more pics from my trip to the Memorial wall!! TFL

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Blog Hop Fun

I finally had time to join in some scrapbooking fun with Pamela's group on myspace Scrapbook Challenges, you can read all about it here on her Blog ! Here is my Blog Hop Layout made using the sketch from Pamela~
Today I ran around with Clayton my ds, doing errands with him. He was whipping out some Tshirts for his paintball team practice. Yes, he is quite crafty at it...I should of taken pics! Well maybe when he returns from Columbus ~:O)

Rachel my dd and I went a friends graduation party this evening when dd got off work. Then I just hung out with my dh and read a magazine and played on my pc.
Time now to post some pics and sleep!
So, here is two pics from Rachels lacrosse tournament game, first one is Dan (dh) Clayton (ds) Jennifer (ds's gf) & a friend~ During Warm up, Rachel in the fore ground ~:O)

Friday, May 22, 2009

Happy Birthday~CJ at Memories from bits & pieces!

Happy Birthday CJ at Memories made from bits & pieces!!
Thank the Lord for everything ♥
I am thankful for My wonderful family.
Thankful my dh provides for our needs. (including my scrappy stuff)
Thankful for the good health of my ds and dd.
I am always thankful my kids work and are in school.
Thanks be to God.

Laxin lo's ~ Her high school season is done!

My dear friend Kathy invited me to her home for a scrap night this past tuesday, Thank you Kathy!! We had pizza, did much chit chatting and laughed alot!!
Below is the fruit of my labor from the evening, TFL~

Friday, May 15, 2009

Watched Alot of Lacrosse!!

That's My Girl in Blue/White!! 18 games and the highschool season is done! The team did well with 8 seniors on Varsity. Now I can get back to the business of scrapbooking....well after graduation, I guess ~:O)

Saturday, May 09, 2009

To Do List...hmmm!

My to do list goes something like this~1. Ask God for a better attitude, after how I felt lasts looked something like this...REd mad! Felt much better today!
2. Welcome son home from college for the summer! 3. Grocery shop.

4. Feed pets. 5. Go to dinner with Rachel for early mom's day celeb...check! 6. Watch the Indians and Cavs games with Dan, CJ, Rachel, Jennifer & pets..ha ha!!
7. Do dishes, ugh its 11 p.m. already. 8. Cook chicken for Dan's breakfast, thank God for crockpots!! 9. give pets a snack. 10. Go to sleep! ~:O)
Sunday~Happy Mothers Day!! Cook pasta salad to take to MIL house!!
Monday~Watch Daughter Play at Away Lacrosse Game, Tuesday Lacrosse Team Dinner, Wednesday Senior Night at daughters Lacrosse Game (tear, she is a senior)
Thats my girl~BFF- Be fierce forever!

Use Tool: Stamps for Cafe Mojo Challenges

Cafe Mojo Challenges ~ Tool: STamps!!! Here on my layout I used two disney stamps (just got these in a trade ~:O) & A lovely flower Stamp ~:O) Thanks ladies!

Friday, May 08, 2009

my daughter plays lacrosse

My dd playing lacrosse, I have so many pictures! Made this lo using Pamela's Sketch 141 ~ TFL