Thursday, March 05, 2009

Good, Bad & the Ugly

The Good~

Cafe Mojo Challenge use glimmer mist & Pamela's sketch 132. I had never used it before so I ran out to my local ss and bought some. For this lo I put some paper flowers down first then sprayed Pink Glimmer Mist on the paper, I also sprayed some on the vintage music book sheet. There is vintage sewing pattern between the pics. Rachel and her escorts at the FCCLA fundraiser Fashion show!

This meal turned out very good, I made Chicken Cordon Bleu it was yummy!! (the tooth picks were colored and you can see it on the servings ~:O) still yummy. I had extra chicken, I fried it in spices.

The BAD~

I was out thrifting at my local shops....there on the table was one of these, I did a bad thing and bought it for ten dollars. It is def not something I needed, but I really couldnt fight the desire to have it!!! I need to clean mine up so this is a pic from the internet.

Rachel is fine, Thank God! She had a passenger and the other car had two, they are all uninjured! Praise God! The car is a total loss, the adjuster was surprised there was no injuries. Dear daughter was taking a friend home (she didn't have my permission) and reared ended a car on a dark hwy, going 55-60 mph!!! When it first happened she called me and I quickly told her to call 911, luckily Dan was home and we went to her. I saw the girls in the car and all the front and side air bags blown along with front end of the car smashed up, I couldn't get out of the car....I knew I would faint. Just to see your own child in such an accident, I am strong but not right at moment, not at all.


Sharmaine said...

So glad they were alright! OUCH!
Love the page you created, yay to giving glimmer mist a go ;)
Yum to the chicken AND the typewriter, nothing bad in that!!

Anonymous said...

Your LO is beautiful! thanks for playing along with our cafe mojo challenges! The chicken looks like it was to die for!! soo yummy in the pic!!! What a cool find on the typewriter!!! i love vintage stuff like that!! and the car accident... i know what you mean when you felt like if you got out you might faint... thats exactly how i felt when hubby got in his accident... scariest phone call of my life!!!!! glad your daughter and everyone else is ok!!!

Luanne said...

Very scary! I am so happy to hear they are all right!I think they had a special passenger with them on that trip!