Monday, March 23, 2009

A mish mash of love!

Cafe Mojo Challenge~Monochromatic with Green!
Myspace Group Scrapbook Challenges~Pamela's Sketch #134Myspace Group Scrapbook Challenges~Layout with stripes, I used glimmer mist to create stripes here.
Myspace Group Scrapbook Challenges~Layout with Scallops, lots o scallops!March Baby GiRL ♥ 18 Eighteen, WOW!! Here at gramma Gerry's for her party. Rachel asked for a confetti cake-white with colored dots throughout....very good! Thank you Uncle JD and Grams. All the family came to help celebrate.....thanks for the gifts!! (((((((hugs)))))))
The Birthday girl, RAchel, Dan and I.
To the Photographer Colleen ((((hugs)))) Great job on the birthday photogs. Thank you TY!

Miami Paintball~This is where Clayton was during Rachels the University practicing paintball with his team && studying of course!!
Clayton gets someone in his sights...

The rest of the week went by pretty well except my cat Sam had to go to the Vet, sadness. He has a UTI, he got a shot of antibiotics and is in today at 1:30 p.m. for another. He is almost his frisky self again!! It is very expensive :( Worth it to stop the suffering though. I ♥ my pets!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

New Day coming!

Dan and I in the pic on his birthday last monthe. He is my king of everything! This one done using staples for a challenge at Cafe Mocha ~Thanks for looking ~:O)
I finished this from a sketch on Myspace Scrapbook Challenges Love Pamelas sketches!
March 15
Today also happens to be my birthday. Clayton, Rachel, Jennifer and I went to Red Lobster yesterday before Clayton left to go back to the university. It was a very good lunch, I had crab legs, garlic shrimp scampy, crisp shrimp and rock lobster platter (phew i am all out of breath after that one). The kids gave me some sweet presents Scrapbooking goods of course ((((Rachel)))) and an ipod ((((CJ)))) with the holder and earbuds ((((Jfer)))) and a vanilla scented candle, plus Rachels bf gave me a card and candy!! Today Dan will take me lunch and maybe he got me some candy, mmm good!
I must be off to bed now to get up early with Rachel and head to the lacrosse field for clean up and team pics.
Have a wonderfully scrapfull day! ♥

Friday, March 13, 2009

Lucky Day!!

I was checking up to see if the prize winners were posted at Cafe Mojo ~
WEll it is my lucky day ~ Thank you ladies of Cafe Mojo for all the inspiration, motivation and sharing of ideas!! ~Here is the post ~ (excerpted here)
Friday, March 13, 2009
Mocha Mojo Friday #6
"Thank you to everyone who has been supporting us and playing along each week!!We have a big announcement to make today!!! Our February Grand Prize Winner is..... RoseAnn"
~ "♥" ~

I am so excited to be picked, woo hoo!! Go check it out, there is so much craftiness and fun!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


I stand so far above you all
You act is if I am not going to fall
Holding stiff and stoic, your view
There are things in my head that you never knew
I resist the feel of gravity pulling
I can't stop myself from screaming, inside
I will to do or to die, joking
Not really I believe I am going to FLY!

By Rose Ann
March 10, 2009

Written to post at - get your poem on #68

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Good, Bad & the Ugly

The Good~

Cafe Mojo Challenge use glimmer mist & Pamela's sketch 132. I had never used it before so I ran out to my local ss and bought some. For this lo I put some paper flowers down first then sprayed Pink Glimmer Mist on the paper, I also sprayed some on the vintage music book sheet. There is vintage sewing pattern between the pics. Rachel and her escorts at the FCCLA fundraiser Fashion show!

This meal turned out very good, I made Chicken Cordon Bleu it was yummy!! (the tooth picks were colored and you can see it on the servings ~:O) still yummy. I had extra chicken, I fried it in spices.

The BAD~

I was out thrifting at my local shops....there on the table was one of these, I did a bad thing and bought it for ten dollars. It is def not something I needed, but I really couldnt fight the desire to have it!!! I need to clean mine up so this is a pic from the internet.

Rachel is fine, Thank God! She had a passenger and the other car had two, they are all uninjured! Praise God! The car is a total loss, the adjuster was surprised there was no injuries. Dear daughter was taking a friend home (she didn't have my permission) and reared ended a car on a dark hwy, going 55-60 mph!!! When it first happened she called me and I quickly told her to call 911, luckily Dan was home and we went to her. I saw the girls in the car and all the front and side air bags blown along with front end of the car smashed up, I couldn't get out of the car....I knew I would faint. Just to see your own child in such an accident, I am strong but not right at moment, not at all.

Sunday, March 01, 2009

Saturday Sunday Ramblings and layouts!

Saturday I completed this layout for a challenge at Sisterhoodofscrap, use a sentiment found on a card. I chose You're invited. lol My son Clayton asked his gf Jennifer to go with to the Miami Univ. Bicentennial Ball, she agreed and drove down to the university ....they had a wonderful time!
Afterwards we traveled to my sister in laws bf's home to join in a potluck and see their new lil chicks. There are five chicks for egg laying. My Rachel didn't come but we texted her and she named one of them Max ~:O) so cute!The five chicks are a week old but when they grow to lay eggs,
it will be 2.5 dozen brown eggs a week!!
"Puppy Love!" lo I had to include a love song title on a layout for Scrapbook Challenges on myspace.Today it is snowing and freezing....The family went to the Gault indoor track, then Rach and I went to the grocery store. While we were out we bought her new womens lacrosse cleats, since the mandatory workouts start tomorrow and the season will begin in a month!! We got her the Nike Womens Speed Lax cleats! Very nice! She has worn the Nikes in this pic for two is about time for a new pair!! Go Lady Lax 2009!!