Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Wonderful Lace! Lovely ribbon too!

This layout if for Mocha Mojo Friday challenge at Cafe Mocha.
Rachel in a fashion show! This was a fundraiser for a girl who can't afford a Prom dress!
My Girl looks like Cinderella....her escort...well thats another story, Her friend Mike.
(click the pic for a closer view) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Mimi is looking for that bit of sunshine, just like me. Kako finds some sun, lucky cat!
On the front walkway the Snow is trying to melt (53 degress today),
but it is still very slippery at night.

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Luanne said...

Love the Cinderella page! I have been enjoying all the sides to Rachel. I really like how you have developed a unique (meant in a good way) style to your scrapping. I believe I love all your pages!