Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Wonderful Lace! Lovely ribbon too!

This layout if for Mocha Mojo Friday challenge at Cafe Mocha.
Rachel in a fashion show! This was a fundraiser for a girl who can't afford a Prom dress!
My Girl looks like Cinderella....her escort...well thats another story, Her friend Mike.
(click the pic for a closer view) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Mimi is looking for that bit of sunshine, just like me. Kako finds some sun, lucky cat!
On the front walkway the Snow is trying to melt (53 degress today),
but it is still very slippery at night.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

SNow, snoWinG!! I keep scrapbooking!

Here is Charlie, showing off his snowy lips, part is snow he has been eating and part of it is just gray whiskers ~:O) When will this winter finally be over....It has been cold and snowy forever it seems!!Here is a few layouts I did this weekend...this one I used mesh to stamp blue paint on the background Blue color....The pic of Clayton and us is from his birthday lunch in 2007!
Here is RAchel on the same day, opposite side of the table coloring....
This is for a challenge at Scrapbook Challenges, to make a shaker. Mine is a heart shaker full of buttons and a flower.

Feb 7, 2009 - This is Clayton in his Miami University paintball uniform at a tournament in Pennsylvania. We drove there to watch him play!! Fun Fun.
Layout is for a challenge at Sisterhood of Scrap to use paint on your lo.
The picture is of RAchel on her birthday 2008'.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Mocha Mojo Friday 2

This layout is for a challenge at Cafe Mojo

Here is Rachel and Anthony getting ready to go through the maze! I waited in the barn, ha ha, it was cold out there! The map is in the vellum pocket showing the Ohio shaped maze, they had to go to certain stops and collect ink stamps. After they got all their map stamps, it made an eagle picture. They did good!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Mommy's Valentine cards!

I made some of these for my teenager to take to school for her friends. I wasn't sure if she would use them or even like them....On the counter I notice the Valentine cards were gone and in their place my Rachel left me this sweet note~ My dear hubby got some goodies for his birthday !! here he is so suprised!!Rachel and my sons gf Jennifer look on as Dan opens his gifts! We took him to dinner at a steak house too!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Happy Birthday to Dan, Happy Birthday to Dan,
Happy Birthday Dear DAN, Happy Birthday to YOU!!Starting the Early morning fire at Allegany NY S.P. 2007

Pink & Red LOVE my Girl!

A wall hanging for my "RAJ"!! This is a nickname for my daughter. She had a tough day and I wanted to lift her spirits, I made her this to hang on her wall above her bed! She smiled!! ~:O)
Posted for the Fruity Chi Challenge - Pink & Red at Cafe Mojo

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Busy, busy, BLuE, hoo!

First I have to share this, Pamela of Scrapbook Challenges
Chose my layout as her Pick of the week!! I am very honored, thank you Pamela! This layout below, I finished using one of Pamela's Sketch 128. I don't particularly care for the picture of me...although I very much enjoyed doing this layout. Loved spending the time with Clayton my son, watching him putt a really long way and make it in the cup!! I don't golf but I am a decent cart driver~:O)
Dan brought this box home it wasn't a nice Valentine gift, lol!It wasn't a gift for the pets either. SAM was very interested to know what was in there...TEEs where in there ....blah! I do some work at home for Dan (my dh) whenever he needs an extra set of hands! (we own a golf business)Packs of ball markers were on the table also....Along with cards...So it begins ONLY 3,000 of these to do...You may have seen these sometime, "Tee packs", especially if you golf. The logos change depending on the order. This order is for Anheuser Busch...
My Charlie boy is always curious when the camera comes out....especially when the cats are gettin their pic taken, ha ha, LOL! I put finished Tee packs in this box....Sam thinks it is fun to get play in...
He also thinks we can't see him...ha ha!
He is popping his head out, as if to play peek a boo! Aww sweet cat....Thats all folks! HAVE A NICE DAY.

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Someone tell me I am okay?!?!

RAchel and Anthony - dressing to show school spirit on Basketball game day...they head out to support the team!! (Camo)Funny girl!! dressed for another game. (Blue & Gold)Charlie loves to sleep in the cats! SO SERIOUS!
Is it time for food??? Sam and Kako
NO Food, then we go back to sleep. Oh and Rachel's lacrosse blanket is so comfy!!