Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Happy Christmas EVE!

Grams oversees the Trimming of her Christmas Tree last Saturday. While the rest of us ate snacks, hmmm.
Hubby Dan sits in the recliner reading the paper and surveying the tree trimming, ha ha! lol
Rachel (dd) and Sean (my nephew) finish up the trimmings.
Clayton (ds), Me, Dan (dh) and Rachel (dd)
We have played games, snacked on goodies and finished decorating my mother-in-laws Christmas! Now we are ready for the holidays!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Golf order and Christmas!!

Yes, my hubby and I own a Golf ball plant. Periodically he asks me to help pack/assemble the items for shipping. I do this at home, the pictures below are in my hallway. I spent a few days using my "Glue dots" to stick two smiley golf balls together, in order for them to stay smiling in the plastic tubes seen below. They sit on golf tees that I also assembled the week before.
So the Christmas decor in our home was on hold for a little bit.
This is a picture of empty boxes and left over smileys and tubes! Oh the dog? well that is my Charles, what a helper he is, good motivation, ha ha!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Christmas cookies or not?!?

I am not a baker of Christmas cookies. I can't bake cookies very well at all. It seems to me that once a year I bake chocolate chip cookies and its always in the winter. Around this time of year as I think about. Maybe I feel festive??? Weird, anywho I saw a pic of m&m shortbread feeling festive as I do...I will give the recipe a try. With any luck they will look like either of these pictures. Ha Ha! Well at least I can't ruin sugar topped with sugar, right?????

Saturday, December 06, 2008

The issue with birds!!

Every day there is a crow. He rests atop the highest branch in a tree in my backyard. I took this picture of him and made this layout for the Scrapbook Challenge MS grp-distress your edges & Sisterhood of Scrap Challenge ~
My cat Sam was very curious about what I was doing?? My hubs Dan holds him up to see that I am just taking a picture of my layout. (difficult without daylight and sun!) Yes, Sam is huge.
A couple of days ago I heard a loud noise outside....this is the flock of birds that flew in with such a sound, I have never heard!! I grabbed my camera and went to the back deck.... They flew to the trees.....
Then they flew back....

Friday, December 05, 2008

Take a hike, ha ha lol

October 2008~I took this picture with cell phone because I left the camera in the car. Thats my hubs in the gray hoody. The whole family is heading out for a 3 mile hike. It turned out really nice and I made it!