Wednesday, October 15, 2008

A day in life of ...

Anthony + Rachel <3
Rachel & Spirit Club at a Football game!! Go Go....face paint and white tees!
Rachel & Kelc BFFz

Monday, October 06, 2008

When I arrived home from work...

A Red TAiled HAWK was sitting next to my front porch. He caught a squirral and was just beginning to eat. I drove up and got out of my car, went through the garage and this first pic is taken through the glass on my front door!! He is sitting by the bench. His beak is filled with his snack...Russling his feathers up because he noticed I was peeking out at him. I stepped out on the porch half curious half afraid....he began to turn away... Slowly he turns himself looking at me the entire time... It was scary at this point because had almost turned 180 to face me again...look at the red tail, Wow, beautiful bird! He turned a bit more and flew up to land on the peak of the roof just above my front porch!!! Sweet these birds!

Scrapbook layout-sept 08

September 26, 2008 I took Rachel on a college overnight visit...I stay in a hotel while she sleeps over with lacrosse team hosts! Scrapbook supplies in tow I finished this layout using pics we had taken in 2006' for our passports. (we don't have our passports yet btw) I loved using the see thru bubbles over words and retro dymo wood colored tape!!