Saturday, August 23, 2008

Saturday. Saturday, saturday!

Here is the short list of things to do today-
1. Laundry- check off three loads (yay, its noon and I am almost done!)

2. Update College search spreadsheet for Ms. Rachel- well i have the tuitions for all eight colleges, its a start ~:)

3. Clean carpet- thinking about tearing it up and getting indoor outdoor carpet instead...gahh! (we own a golf ball factory and hubby refuses to take his work shoes off in the house, ewww!)

4. Clean up kitchen- dishes are put away now for the cleaning part, ha ha

5. Wash kitchen cupboards with Murphys oil soap- uhh well maybe tomorrow.

6. Sweep and mop- 1, 000 sq ft of hardwood flooring, okay I am getting off here and doing this for sure ....first. ( although i hear the dryer just i will fold and put the clothes from the washer in to dry first, yeah, yes.)

7. Update the checkbook ledger.

8. Pay Jennifer for the used car we bought from her for 2800- Done.

9. Go out to eat with Dan at 1 o'clock....oh goodness!

10. Shower and blow dry hair.

11. Forget the list and keep trying to get through the

Have a great weekend my friends. (((((hugs))))) Gods Blessings to you all.

P.S. Last Sunday I drove Ms. Rachel to La Salle University the Head Lacrosse Coach called her and invited her to visit. (proud of my girl she works hard on the lax field) Very nice campus, she loved it! We also went to the King of Prussia mall...huge mall! I bought her a homecoming dress and school clothes! (note-1,000 mile trip when it was all said and done because we also stopped at a college near Pittsburgh on the way home) Thats all Folks.

Thanks for stopping by....(((hugs)))

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