Saturday, August 30, 2008

Family & Fierce One.

The Family-June 2008-Here we are celebrating Claytons belated Birthday Dinner at Longhorn Steakhouse....because he loves his steaks!

Rachel ~CJ~Rose Ann~Dan~Jennifer & the Birthday boy again!!

Fierce ONe...Ms. Rachel in hair braid & White and Blue jersey #22...Taking a shot against a tough defense!

I am so proud of her and pray the best always for my girl.

Rachel and I are still traveling - touring the midwest, in her search of a college to play lacrosse and get an education!! It has been good and we have seen many really nice colleges! She is getting closer and closer to making a selection or visa versa....the right college is selecting her.

Thanks for your prayers and good wishes! It is an exciting time and also a very tiring time.

WEll on to the laundry and a bit of scrapbooking....artsy artsy!

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