Thursday, February 07, 2008

I am going to just do it...WORD BLOG!

Today was a very ordinary day. Ohio cold at 25 degrees. Dark no sun today, I saw a hint just a little glow through the thick dark clouds, it made me smile. I said to dd Rachel look at the color outside. It seemed to glow like the embers in a fire might, when they are just about burned out.
A minute later it was gone.
I continued with my phone calling frenzy. Always there are days when I spend too much time on these phone chores. Well it is for the good that I do. Rachel is looking to be an athlete in college, requires better training now. Time is of the essence for her to do well in her academics and take the SAT & ACT in coming months. My phone calling is to meet her needs for future plans. Sometimes for a split second I hear in her voice that little girl she was at about age 7, and it draws a tear to think that she is going to be 17 shortly. She will be a fine young lady in college before I know it.

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