Thursday, February 07, 2008

Childhood candy, yum!

My all time favorite Childhood candy was Red Hots.....I would use my lunch money to get these if had too. As kids we would dare each other to put more and more in our mouths. If i remember correctly I could put half a box in mouth and stand the heat....we would laugh so hard. ~:O) Afterward our mouths would be red for Here is my second place childhood candy.... we were kids we would stuff whole boxes in our mouths, partly so no one would take them and just to see how much sourness a kid could stand! These were so sour our teeth would ache....i don't think they are as sour today!


Carla said...

Oh, those Red Hots!! You were braver than me!! How silly we were, hey! I loved sour candy too, but don't remember those you pictured.

Deanne said...

I was too big of a wimp to like Red Hots! I can't remember ever trying them!!! And as for sour candy! I can only eat one at a time, and Fuzzy Peaches are about as sour as I can eat!!! hehe!