Thursday, February 28, 2008

Sunny day in OHio~ 20 degrees FEELS like 12!

My back porch ~ view on this sunny day.

(Click pic to view Close UP TFL )
Visit to California to see my Sisters and Brother~

Front door view~ Charles in charge at the steps! lol TFL

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Inside looking out~ Snow Day in OHIO!

If you think of me, Think of me like this~
Backdoor view of the woods....

Looking out the front door~See Charlies doggy tracks, he goes out and comes right back in when it is snowing and cold outside!

View from my front door.....Lots of Snowflakes!!!

Two of my favs

Saturday, February 09, 2008

Her mothers daughter!

Dear daughter invited two of her friends for a sleepover last night "Girls night"! This morning I set out some goodies for a light breakfast, OJ, chocolate cake treats, cereal bars, orange slices & nut and fruit mix. I called for them to come and eat. As they walk out, in reference to the display of food, DD says "Oh how beautiful, CAN I SCRAP THIS!"
Aww, it warms my heart the we share the love of preserving memories through photos and scrapbooking.

Quote~Life is just a series of moments waiting to be photographed, made into layouts & preserved for all time in a memory book!

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Childhood candy, yum!

My all time favorite Childhood candy was Red Hots.....I would use my lunch money to get these if had too. As kids we would dare each other to put more and more in our mouths. If i remember correctly I could put half a box in mouth and stand the heat....we would laugh so hard. ~:O) Afterward our mouths would be red for Here is my second place childhood candy.... we were kids we would stuff whole boxes in our mouths, partly so no one would take them and just to see how much sourness a kid could stand! These were so sour our teeth would ache....i don't think they are as sour today!

I am going to just do it...WORD BLOG!

Today was a very ordinary day. Ohio cold at 25 degrees. Dark no sun today, I saw a hint just a little glow through the thick dark clouds, it made me smile. I said to dd Rachel look at the color outside. It seemed to glow like the embers in a fire might, when they are just about burned out.
A minute later it was gone.
I continued with my phone calling frenzy. Always there are days when I spend too much time on these phone chores. Well it is for the good that I do. Rachel is looking to be an athlete in college, requires better training now. Time is of the essence for her to do well in her academics and take the SAT & ACT in coming months. My phone calling is to meet her needs for future plans. Sometimes for a split second I hear in her voice that little girl she was at about age 7, and it draws a tear to think that she is going to be 17 shortly. She will be a fine young lady in college before I know it.